A new approach to an old fashioned investment strategy

Our Transactional Investment Program (TIP) offers individual investors a low risk, high return transactional strategy that has been proven since the beginning of commerce.  

Imagine having a marketplace where large commodity stores are available for purchase and the buyers are lined up and ready.  Seems simple, right? In the current investment landscape, you would need to have three things to make this work.  

  1. The capital to purchase the commodity
  2. The seller of said commodity
  3. The end buyer of said commodity

This seems like an academic process, but is difficult in many ways.  It is easy if you need apples, and your next door neighbor has an apple orchard.  You can simply walk over and buy what you need. In the global community, however, sellers and buyers are usually in very different parts of the world.  This is especially true in regions that have long been under the colonial thumb.  

With TIP, both the respective buyers and sellers are waiting for a contract that is executed upon funding.  Simply put, buyers need not go out and locate sellers and sellers won’t have to find buyers. The TIP marketplace takes care of both.  The investor capital is the only missing piece.


Seller A has 4 tons of rice that they wish to sell for $440/ton.  Current commodity index for that ton is $430. That is an index fund, or non-deliverable futures contract.  The actual cost to the ultimate buyer is nearer $460/ton delivered. With TIP, we have a buyer contract at $450/ton and the seller has agreed to $440/ton.  The $10 difference in that price per ton is what the TIP program nets from the transaction.  In this equation, $4.40 per ton would be the return on the investor capital.

It seems like we are talking about peanuts here, but when we multiply times the number and volume that are currently being traded, you can see very clearly how valuable this is to the investor.  Remember, these transactions are weekly, biweekly and monthly. So as long as there is available supply, the process continues.

Given the above example and an investment of $500,000.00.  On a monthly delivery schedule, the investor return is 12% per year.  (1% per monthly transaction). On a weekly delivery schedule, it is 52%.  These returns are hard to come by in even the best of markets.  

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What’s better yet, investor capital is never deployed without the contract in place, meaning a buyer and seller have already agreed on the terms.  Investor funds are placed into the commodity purchase then immediately (within 72 hours) replenished by the buyers. They then become available for the next transaction.  If there are other transactions lined up when the investor funds are replenished, they could conceivably be recycled every 72 hours. Given that velocity, there is an annual potential for 87 transactions or 87% ROI.  This is not standard of course and should not be anticipated, but it is an example of how a meager 1% return on a transaction through the TIP program can yield impressive results.  

This program is not unique in form.  Hedge funds and Wall Street are doing this on an epic scale.  We have all heard the stories of corruption and manipulation of markets by these players, which is insulting on its own.  Coupled with the fact that they use YOUR money to do this and make trillions is what we consider INTOLERABLE!..

What Amazon has done for the retail market is simply to let sellers post their wares in an easy to access digital environment to the largest pool of buyers in history.  The TIP program makes our investors the Amazon.

With TIP, you the investor, become the Amazon, Hedge Fund, Wall Street or IMF in these transactions.  Look, these systems have made investors money. They have also made a select few billions upon billions.  Take your money back and do what has already been proven for thousands of years on your terms.

Please click here to review your Transactional Investment Program Account Agreement