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The subject matter in this communication and website is educational only and is not intended to be taken as a recommendation from Chalfouh LLC (the “Provider”). You should consult with appropriate counsel or other advisors on all matters pertaining to legal, tax, investment, or accounting obligation and requirements. This material was prepared for general distribution and is not directed to a specific individual.  The Provider is not an investment, financial, legal, or tax advisor, and has no fiduciary obligations to participants in the TIP.

 ALLOCATION OF FUNDS: Allocation of funds within the TIP is subject to investors’ choice at the time of onboarding. Alternative transactional opportunities within tangible commodities may arise from time to time. In such occurrence, The Provider will submit a detailed review of the opportunity to the Investor and request an adjustment of the allocations. Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

 Real Estate Disclosures: Real estate transactions can include but are not limited to single-family and multifamily buy, fix and sell transactions, buy, expand and sell transactions, buy, demolish and rebuild transactions, and buy, subdivide and build transactions. Real estate transactions can also include the purchase, sub-division, development, rezoning, and permitting transactions as well as when applicable buy and sell of commercial properties. Like any investment, the risk of loss is possible due to a force majeure, a sudden change in the market, a delay in permitting, or unexpected situation within each project, or other reasons. The Provider collaborates with different providers within the real estate value chain to streamline TIP’s real estate transactions, such providers include construction companies, real estate brokers, permit expediters, architects, interior designers, and more. Any such provider is an independent company or contractor and The Provider cannot guarantee their performance.

 Cryptocurrency Disclosures: Upon receipt of cryptocurrency allocation funds are transferred to the TIP’s Institutional Kraken account, and trading begins immediately unless delayed due to bank wiring delays, weekends or holidays. TIP only trades cryptocurrencies that have been labeled as commodities by the CFTC. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset class, while investing in cryptocurrency can yield higher than average return, cryptocurrency transactions can also lead to a total loss of funds. TIP employs different trading methods whereby a portion of the funds is being traded using an Algorithm that optimize the daily risk and return, and another portion of funds is traded or monitored daily by one of our traders.

Bullion Disclosures: Upon receipt of bullion allocation, The Provider converts such allocation into bullion, and sends the bullion to one of its storage facilities or to the Investor at the investor’s request. Bullion means gold bars and coins. From time to time may see an opportunity to provide silver or platinum bars and coins to the investor, in such occurrences The Provider will request prior to such allocation. Funds allocated for the purchase of bullion are used solely for bullion purchases. There are no management fees on bullion purchases. If profits are earned due to market fluctuations. Bullion coins are a long-term purchase and are expected to be held for at least 3 to 5 years. The decision to purchase or sell is subject to the Investor’s own research and judgment. Bullion cost to ask spread depending on size and market availability. It is the Provider’s current policy to re-purchase any precious metals that are sold by it, at the then current market value determined by the Provider on the re-purchase date. Due to market conditions and other factors, Investors may receive less than what they originally paid. Acquired bullion; if not shipped to the Investor; is insured for the full replacement value and stored at an insured depository, annual storage and insurance costs are usually 1% of the value of the bullion.

MANAGEMENT FEES: TIP charges a quarterly management fee of 0.5% on deployed funds in real estate transactions, crypto trading, or commodities; however, there may be times while preparing for a transaction funds may sit idle in a noninterest-bearing checking account. During such periods there are no management fees charged and there are no management fees associated with funds converted into bullion.

CARRIED INTEREST / PROFIT SHARING: TIP does not participate in any profits generated by the liquidation of the bullion if any.  TIP pays 70% of profits earned from real estate transactions, cryptocurrency trading, and other commodities when applicable to the investor(s), the remaining 30% is retained as a profit share of TIP. Profits generated from real estate transactions are assessed on a transactional basis. Profits generated from cryptocurrency trading are assessed at the end of each calendar month. TIP withdraws its share of the profits as they are assessed. Investors’ profits are deposited in a separate account and are not re-invested unless instructed by the investor(s).

LIQUIDATIONS AND WITHDRAWALS OF FUNDS: Investors can withdraw a portion or the totality of their funds at any time. There are no early withdrawal fees, penalty fees, or hidden fees charged by TIP. Only fees that may occur are charged by third-party providers such as bank wiring fees, storage liquidation fees, etc… All such fees will be detailed in any disbursement. It is important to know that when liquidating a position, TIP will be liquidating such position from real estate assets, bullion assets, cryptocurrency assets, and other commodities transactions if any. Liquidations are processed based on the asset allocations. . Any applicable profits are paid along with each disbursement.

Bullion Liquidations: Upon receipt of an order to liquidate, we immediately calculate the amount of bullion that belongs to such order and we sell the bullion, we then wait for the funds to be transferred back to us from the bullion suppliers, once such funds arrive we then send them to the Investor.

Cryptocurrency Liquidations: Upon receipt of an order to liquidate, we immediately calculate the amount of cryptocurrency that belongs to such order and we sell the cryptocurrency on the Kraken Exchange, we then process a wire back from Kraken to The Provider and wait for the funds to be transferred back to us, once such funds arrive we then send them to the Investor.

Real Estate Liquidations: Upon receipt of an order to liquidate, we immediately calculate the amount of funds allocated to real estate that belongs to such order. If there are idle funds then we use such funds to immediately process the liquidation. If there are no idle funds then we notify the Investor of the scheduled closure of the first upcoming real estate transactions upon which we then submit the payment back to the Investor.


Disclaimer: Chalfouh LLC is furnishing these confidential discussion materials solely for the consideration of eligible investors who have the knowledge and experience in financial, global commodities trade, and business matters and the capability to conduct their own due diligence investigation and evaluation in connection with any investments that may be offered by the Chalfouh LLC. ▪ These confidential discussion materials are distributed to a limited number of potential investors who are “accredited” as defined in Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933, and shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy nor shall there be any sales of partnership interests in any state in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the laws of any such state. ▪ All information contained herein is confidential, deemed to be reliable but not guaranteed by Chalfouh LLC, and subject to change. Statements contained within this overview may contain forward-looking comments, which involve risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to vary from those contained in the forward-looking statements. In some cases, you can identify such forward-looking statements by terminology such as ‘may’, ‘will’, ‘could’, ‘forecasts’, ‘expects’, ‘plans’, ‘anticipates’, ‘believes’, ‘estimates’, ‘predicts’, ‘potential’, or ‘continue’. Forward projections reflect management’s best estimates based on information available at the time of issue. ▪ This presentation and its contents are confidential and may not be further distributed or passed onto any other person or published or reproduced, in whole or in part, by any medium or in any form for any purpose.

All information contained herein is confidential, deemed to be reliable but not guaranteed by Chalfouh LLC, and subject to change.


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