What is TIP?

A new approach to an old fashioned investment strategy

Our Transactional Investment Program (TIP) offers individual investors a low risk, high return transactional strategy that has been proven since the beginning of commerce.  

Imagine having a marketplace where large commodity stores are available for purchase and the buyers are lined up and ready.  Seems simple, right? In the current investment landscape, you would need to have three things to make this work.  

  1. The capital to purchase the commodity
  2. The seller of said commodity
  3. The end buyer of said commodity

We offer transactional financing to include commodities transactions, machinery, in some cases real estate transactions and now cryptocurrency transactions focused on cryptocurrencies that have been classified as commodities by the CFTC. Chalfouh LLC has reputable trade and transactional partners where we deploy funds. 

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The transactional investment program provides unique access to investing in tangible transactions. Funds received from investors are allocated to specific transactions. Investors have many flexibility to include the number of transactions and the ability to withdraw profits on a transactional basis. Since our returns are transactional we can see returns that can exceed 5% per transaction.  

Sensible • Clear • Low Risk • High Return • Transaction Strategy

For short term and long term accredited and institutional investors.





Program Description

Upon formation of account (click here to download application), and receipt of funds (click here to fund your account). Client funds will be deployed into selected transactions.

Duration: 45 days approximately per transaction, allow 3 months for first transaction. From time to time funds maybe deployed immediately depending on transaction availability.

Account life [Cycle: 12 Months]: 12 transactions (approximately one year) with rolls and extensions.
Initial Budgeted funds, will not be withdrawn from the JV until the end of 12 months from the initial deposit date.

Strategy: Purchase and sale of specific commodities, cryptocurrency, or machinery and in some cases real estate with qualified trade partners.

Profit sharing

Profits from each transaction will be: Profits may vary. Each contract or transaction will have its specific returns. From time to time when permissible Chalfouh LLC will provide a fixed return per transaction to the investment partner.
Profits distribution: may be distributed on a monthly basis, or after a successful close of each transaction.
Re-investment: When applicable account holder may choose to re-invest profits to increase the trading budget.
For transactional return on deposit estimates please e-mail us to [email protected]


Gold, Diamonds, Steel other Commodities

Real Estate


And Now Cryptocurrency Transactions


How to invest

  1. Fill the form: Client, completes  page 10 from the Transactional Investment Program Account Agreement and submits to Chalfouh LLC or one of their Independent Financial Advisors. 
  2. Processing: Chalfouh LLC processes the application. (AML-KYC, due diligence, source of funds)
  3. Approval: Once approval is granted the client will receive the client agreement with a deposit form to sign and submit
  4. Agreement: Client signs agreement and submits a deposits for the said amount (Via Check or Wire transfer (TFP account information will be provided)
  5. Funds: Funds are used for the agreed upon transactions. 
  6. Costs: All transactional costs are included in the transaction
  7. Profit sharing: Upon completion of a trade transaction and according to the agreement.



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